Bath remodel – Week 0: Jun 3 – Jun 9

June 14, 2006

We have narrowed down most of our plan for the bathroom remodel. The tub has to go. We are going to move the toilet next to the new tiled-in shower from the current location. The bathroom is a small space so we have to be particulary concious about the layout so that shower and toilet space allowance is convenient and not too tight.

Here are the things we have decided so far:

The tiles are still an open item. We want ceramic tiles in the floor and walls with some glass accents.


Bath remodel – Introduction

June 14, 2006

We have embarked on a Guest bathroom remodel project recently. The time has come for the builder quality bathroom to go. A few design conderations – more efficient use of space, get more light into the bathroom, use durable materials, upgrade the bath technology (can’t help it – I am a techie). The plan is to take out everything to the studs and rebuild with a pedestal sink, recessed medicine cabinet, tiled-in shower and a fixed block window while rearranging the layout and adding touches of upscale and luxury.

The bathroom is downstairs – plenty crawlspace access. So lot of the roughin plumbing should be easy.

Our deadline is end of July. We are having company the 2nd week of August so there is a fixed deadline – puts pressure to stay on course. Here is the planned schedule. I estimate that there is an element of around 30% risk of slippage – Project Mgmt skills coming handy.

Week 0: Jun 3 – Jun 9: Planning and researching

Week 1: Jun 10 – Jun 16: Demolition and Roughin

Week 2: Jun 17 – Jun 23: Framing and Electrical

Week 3: Jun 24 – Jun 30: Drywall and Masonary

Week 4: Jul 1 – Jul 6: Shower and Tiles

Week 5: Jul 7 – Jul 13: Shower and Tiles continued

Week 6: Jul 14 – Jul 20: Trim out

Week 7: Jul 21 – Jul 27: Finishing and Painting

Week 8: Jul 28 – Aug 4 Punch list

Your comments, advice is very welcome. This is our first bathroom remodel project so bear with us as we are learning as we go.